frank-mcdonough construction consulting services


      1. Arbitrator/Mediator (non-attorney) serving parties in the resolution of contractual disputes.
      2. Disputes Resolution (Adjudication) Board (DRB, DAB) Member/Chairman on major construction infrastructure contracts including tunnels, dams, transportation and power projects.
      3. Consulting: delay analysis, scheduling, construction management, cost estimating and constructibility.
      4. Peer Review / Outside Directorship for engineering consulting and construction management firms. Assist in the development of firms through personal development, teamwork and proven organization techniques.
      5. Independent Evaluation of Delay Analyses to assist parties in the early resolution of pending disputes. Retained by parties to perform early critique of opposing analyses of delay/acceleration/constructibility so the parties may be aware of realistic expectations should the matter proceed to arbitration or litigation.
      6. Education and professional development
        Presents papers and seminars on engineering firm development, construction methodology including scheduling, cost analysis, and construction management.