frank-mcdonough construction consulting services



  • World Bank HQ Washington DC
  • Federal Projects: Corps, US Embassies , FBOP
  • Interstate Highways VA, MD, PA;
  • Washington Post  Printing  Modernization/ Rebuild



  • Subway projects in Washington DC, Baltimore, Atlanta, Boston.
  • Cofferdams for Fawley Power Station foundations, Southampton UK;
  • Marine equipment for submerged tube tunnels New York 63rd Street;
  • River cofferdams for 80ft deep pier foundations in Mobile River, I-65 bridges.
  • Slurry wall foundation and basement walls for various buildings including Marriott Hotel, DC


Construction contracting

  • Hydro-electric projects, Strathfarrar and Nant, Scotland, UK;
  • Maura Dock, Nassau, Bahamas;
  • Clifton Pier Power Station, Nassau Bahamas;
  • Hilton International Hotel, Las Vegas NEV;
  • King’s Castle Hotel Lake Tahoe, NEV;
  • Metro Center Station and Line, Washington DC.


Resolution of disputes

Arbitrator, mediator or expert witness in the resolution of design or construction disputes on major projects:

  • Hamaca Oil Upgrader Venezuela
  • Liberty Place Office Tower, Ritz Carlton Hotel facilities, Philadelphia, PA;
  • Millennium Village Military Barracks El Udeid US AF, Qatar
  • Montgomery Point Lock & Dam, MS
  • Patapsco Wastewater Treatment Plant, MD


Project Neutral services as member/chairman of Disputes Resolution or Adjudication Boards (DRBs, DABs):

  • Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DRB multiple projects)
  • Washington State Department of Transportation (DRB multiple projects)
  • Los Angeles North Hollywood Station (DRB)
  • Massachusetts Highway Department Boston Central Artery/Tunnel, (Big Dig) (DRB multiple projects)
  • Nathpa Jhakri Power Project, India (Claims Review Panel), multiple contracts.
  • Gilgel Gibe Power Project, Ethiopia (DRB two contracts)
  • Bujagali Power Project Uganda (DAB two contracts)
  • Anacostia River Tunnel, DC Clean Rivers Project (DRB)

washington post

Washington Post

Mobile River Bridges

Mobile River Bridge

International Hotel (

International Hotel

Hamaca Upgrader

Hamaca Upgrader

Boston Big Dig

Boston Big Dig

Nathpa Jhakri

Nathpa Jhakri