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Co-founded, owned and managed two Consulting /CM Firms serving industry clients: owners, contractors,  attorneys and others, and providing the following construction performance services:

  • construction management
  • scheduling
  • field inspection
  • cost estimating
  • temporary works design
  • constructibility review
  • third party neutral
  • expert witness



As registered professional engineer, designed and supervised installation of underground and heavy construction temporary works facilities including:

  • cofferdams
  • bridges
  • utility support systems
  • sheeting systems
  • underpinning of adjacent structures
  • diaphragm walls, bracing and tiebacks
  • floating equipment for marine construction


Construction contracting

Engineer, project engineer, superintendent, manager and chief engineer: seventeen years on international construction contracts on projects including:

  • transportation
  • underground
  • power
  • buildings
  • marine facilities.


Resolution of construction disputes

Construction expert recognized by various courts and tribunals and provided technical research, analysis, testimony and reports. Areas of expertise included construction delay analysis, CPM scheduling, cost analysis, and constructibility on wide range of projects.

Disputes Resolution (Adjudication) Board member/chairman on major international construction infrastructure projects including tunnels, dams, transportation and power.

Arbitrator/Mediator serving parties in resolution of contract disputes.


Presentations, education

Presents seminars and educational papers on the optimum management of construction to professional societies, governmental, and private agencies, including design-build delivery, project scheduling and controls, resolution of disputes. Examples:

  •  “Design-Build Contracting”, George Washington Law School/ESI, Corps of Engineers, Naval Facilities Command, Southwest Division, and various public classes.
  • “Disputes Review Boards on International Projects”, ICE/World Bank.

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K-3 Metro Support

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Kings Castle Hotel

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Maury River Bridge

Design-Build Class:

Design-Build Class:

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